Uni-Tech believes that no job or task is more important than worker health & safety. If a job represents a potential safety or health threat, every effort will be made to plan a safe way to complete the task in a safe manner. Every procedure must be a safe procedure. If a worker observes any unsafe or unprotected area to their work environment, which may pose a potential threat to their safety and health, he must inform management immediately. If a job cannot be done safely it will not be done. Every employee is entitled to a safe and healthy place in which to work.


The following goals have been established for the Company:
1) Provide workers with a safe work environment.
2) Conduct routine/regular workplace inspections.
3) Provide Personal Protective Equipment.
4) Develop and implement safe work procedures and rules.
5) Provide on-going safety training.
6) Enforce safety rules and appropriate discipline.
7) Provide on-going property conservation practices.
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